So, Who's This Ian G. Howarth Fella Then?

Who am I?
Are You saying you don't know who I am?
Come on ...Do you not know who I think I am?
Jeeez! ...Well, I'm Ian, and I'm a legend in my own back yard!
I'm also a bit of a prankster, who doesn't take myself too seriously 😉 

I better welcome you to my blog, website, vlog, vlog/blog, hub or whatever you want to call it. I don't want to ruffle any feathers too much ...I know some of you guys can be a little bit precious when it comes to your blogs, blogging and "engagement". 

So welcome to my hub. 

Truth be told, I'm not really the blogging type to be honest. that's if there is a type? I tried ...ish! My heart wasn't in it. I'm too impatient!

...I'm just an instant gratification junkie, trying to build my own creative little business online ...My way!

The Reason Why...

Isn't it just f***g brilliant that we live in times now where we really can give two fingers to the man?

It's just a shame more don't listen, or don't believe in themselves enough to take the risk. I mean, what's there to risk, really? Having to take a different crappy job, if it doesn't work out? ...Well you know what? It WILL because YOU make it work out!

Has some faith in yourself ...because I'm telling you now, if I'm capable, then so are you!

OKAY! I'm getting off my high horse now...

But only for a minute. I ain't letting you walk away, going back to that same old shit without at least trying to make you think a bit.

You're better than what you think! ...We all are. Just believe it!

Yes YOU! You're better than this!

Why Listen To Me...?

Because if you don't, pretty much the same crap that went on with me and 98% of the internet marketers or digital entrepreneurs I know online, will happen to you and it ain't pretty. Like most online marketers, I'm self taught through buying courses and implementing. Implementation is the ONLY way that you really learn this stuff. You don't really study this stuff right? You don't really go to Uni, to be an internet marketer, or a digital entrepreneur. You look for the experts and you do what they do. It's the only way.

Most of the guys I know online, did the dreaded "how to make money online" search and yes, just like me, it got them into a whole lot of trouble! ...That search has gotten so many of us into a whole lot of crap, but we mustn't lose sight of the reasoning behind why we did it, and the pain that drove us to typing those six simple but often troublesome words, into the browser.

They're the same reasons and pains your future customers are living with and feeling.

  • We're all made of the same stuff
  • We all have the same worries
  • We all have the same pains

Obviously, some of us more than others ...And some of us are willing to try to do whatever it takes, to get ourselves out of whatever pain we're in. Whether it's lose two stone, or get out of a stressful job that pays peanuts.

Some of us find it quite easy to motivate ourselves to make the necessary life changes, needed ...But unfortunately, the vast majority of us just drift along, never taking control, never putting right whatever's making us miserable, while helping someone else realise their dream, instead of being brave, giving the system the finger, and going out and getting their some. Never stepping outside of their comfort zone...

Because like most us ...we've been programmed from an early age to believe it ain't possible. 

That only happens to people with money. Most of us are told from an early age "you get a job and be grateful you've got a job!" Another one, "Money doesn't grow on trees!" ...Most of us grew up hearing these messages and it's only when you start to educate yourself, or try to step out of your comfort zone, that you realize the limiting beliefs these constant messages have created ...but you can undo the damage done!

I class myself as one of the lucky ones ...but I've spoken with people who've handed thousands of dollars over to "so called mentors", only for the "so called mentor" to do a disappearing act! I have friends who got themselves into tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt buying course after course. This really is common because we're dealing with desperate, naive people and very clever marketers with bad intentions, using copywriters and persuasive methods, to part them with their hard earned money.

Struggling Affiliate Marketer

...This is why I stress to NEVER lose sight of the "pain" and the "why" you typed your cry for help into your browser... because that's EXACTLY what it is... A cry for help! ...And behind every cry for help is someone's Dad, Mother, Son, Daughter, Brother or Sister... A real person, in pain.

Treat people how you like to be treat yourself ...If we all was to stick to that, we wouldn't have such a bad reputation in our niche online.

So we treat them as a person and not just another number on our email list to brag about.

Ain't no list size competitions going on in my gaf!

So what you get with me is yeah, someone that likes a joke ...But don't mistake me for a joke, because I'm hear to help you in the same way I got help when I needed it most! ...But I'm telling you now, you MUST really want change because as I say, it all starts with how bad you want change!

If you're willing to make sacrifices, and NEVER give up ...You can go all the way!

Wanna Know?

Want to know more about how huge change is possible and how a complete idiot, a school dropout and much much more, I don't want to write here (I'll tell you on the inside) hit's four figure days online, without nobody really knowing who I am?

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