30th August 2017

“Earn $100,000+ Every Month Without Creating The Products, Doing All The Work, Or Spending Years Building Authority!”

Imagine looking a potential client in the eye…

... They like what you’ve laid out for them, and there’s only one issue left… the price.

“How much is this gonna cost?” they ask.

... With extreme confidence you look back and reply: “
$10,000 a month.”


... Congratulations!
You just closed your first $10,000 per month client.

How did you do it?

... Well, it’s pretty simple to convince someone to give you $10k per month when you can realistically say
they’ll get back $20,000 … or $50,0000… or even $100,000…

... I know a guy who runs
the online marketing for one of the biggest online names right now... I won’t say who it is, but he’s one of the most popular online celebrities in the world right now. (Something like 1 in 4 Americans recognize his face)...

... Anyways, this guy who runs his marketing gets about 10% of all the sales...

Which is 7-figures a month.

... So he earns over $100,000 a month without creating the products, doing all the work, or spending years building authority. Pretty amazing huh?

... I’m not saying that will happen overnight, or you’ll magically wake up rich…

... But with the right skills, strategies and connections you could be
well on your way to living quite comfortably. And many people are saying that becoming a certified ClickFunnels consultant is the fastest way to make that happen... 

... Why? Because it gives you
the power to create brilliant marketing strategies for other people, and you can obviously charge top dollar for executing these strategies... 

... If you’re curious about finding out what’s involved, then go check out
this webinar... 

... It’ll answer all your questions and give you an idea of
what’s possible for you.

... Oh, and I think you should know, it’s EASY to charge someone $10,000 a month when you have the confidence they’ll be happy with what you do...

... That confidence normally takes years to develop… unless you
take this shortcut...

Talk soon

- Ian G. 

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Ian G. Howarth

I'm Ian, I refer to myself as "The Recovering Entrepreneur" due to having to recover from so many things, to get to where I am. I certainly made some bad life choices. I've had to recover heroin addiction, depression, anxiety and a negative mindset, from being a worker for over 20 years, then a buyer of many products, finally making it to an online entrepreneur. I will always view myself as in "recovery" and I hope to help you on your journey of "recovery" while edutaining you, with my story telling, posts with a twist.