“How I Made My 1st 4-Figure Day Online Even Though I Was Brand New And No One Knew Me”

the perfect offer

If you're here reading this post I presume that you need more traffic and leads to your websites and offers, right?

And you're trying to grow your email list?

A quality list of buyers and not just window shoppers on your email list?

You might be shocked to find this out... but do you know over 50% of affiliate marketers lists are not even buyers or customers?

They're just lurking, costing the affiliate money every month.

Now would you agree that's not a great situation?

This is the main reason 98% of all aspiring affiliate marketers end up burned out, humiliated in front of family and broke both mentally and physically...

I call it the affiliate marketers plague.

  • You set out with good intentions
  • You go through all the courses
  • Listen to the top gurus

​But nothing seems to be working for you.

You see the same names week in week out on the leaderboards, almost bragging about how much money they make and even though you're working just as hard as they do (if not harder), you put in the hours...

But you don't get the same results.

It was exactly the same for me. For 18 long months I tried everything and almost bought every little trick in the book...

And Guess what? The little tricks didn't help one bit.

It was only when I admitted this and told myself, "Ian you can't compete with the big boys yet!" that I saw change in my online efforts and results closely followed.

Maybe you need to realize this as well. 

Let me ask you this:

  • Do you have an unlimited ad spend budget?
  • Can you afford to lose thousands of dollars?
  • Do you have staff or a team of VA's?

No? Then how are you ever going to compete with those guys you see making thousands every day, hitting leaderboards?

Now do you see why doing what the gurus do is hurting you?

It took me 18 long months and who knows how much spent on courses (I daren't add up what I spent) to work all this out.

Did you know that when you see a big marketer offering 100% commissions on their launch that they are paying often $10 or $20 a lead?

Basically whatever the cost of the product they're giving to their affiliates for 100% commissions ...I've seen this go up to 500% by the way.

I ask you ..."Can you afford to pay $10+ per lead?"

These guys can afford to go into the red and go negative for months before seeing any ROI. They have the funds...

Do you have those ad spend budgets? Can you afford to go thousands of dollars negative for months?

Neither can I ...Which is why I use what my mentor Dean Holland calls The Perfect Offer.

The Perfect Offer stopped me from quitting affiliate marketing for good.

If it wasn't for The Perfect Offer I wouldn't be able to compete and I certainly wouldn't have hit four figures in one day when nobody knew who I was...

The Perfect Offer gave me a strategy that works for the little guy, helping me hit my first $1,000+ day online and others since as well 

If you’d like to make 4 or even 5 figures per month as an affiliate, promoting other people’s products for commissions…

And you’d like to discover how to do so WITHOUT having to sell anything, this will be the most important FREE training you'll ever get your hands on.

This Perfect Offer can be deployed by anyone, even if you’ve yet to make your first sale online.

It’s powered by the fact that there’s only 3 ways to grow your business, which is to:

  • Sell more to your customers at the time of purchase
  • have your customers return to purchase again
  • Give away products for FREE

That is exactly what you’ll do with this… Get a consistent flow of customers every single day onto your email list, so you can sell them anything else you’d like

(it goes without saying that you shouldn’t exploit this strategy for evil… you need to sell them stuff that they want and need, of course)

The training itself is just 68 minutes, so it’s quick to consume. You’ll immediately discover how we at Internet Profits make millions by giving away products for free so you can copy the strategy for yourself.

And even though this strategy crushes it for affiliate marketers…

It also works amazingly well for digital product owners, network marketers, and eCommerce store owners...

See, you can use this EXACT strategy to get buyers for just about ANY business and for 72 hours you can get your very own copy FREE sent right to your doorstep.

Want to take a look and see...

Ian G. Howarth

I'm living proof that it's never too late to change! If you want it bad enough, you'll do whatever it takes to get to your desired outcome ...It's often not as hard as you envisaged... Follow me as I reveal how I'm able to earn more than your average "guru" affiliate without chasing launches, exposing junk to my list, sweet-talking or back-scratching anyone! ...You don't need no "guru" ...CLICK to find out how I chose my own path and how you can just like me! Click here to go to page b.

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