"The Simple 5 Step Formula that can Take Almost ANYONE from Zero to 6 Figures in Internet Marketing"

You’ve seen this done time and again, yet you probably didn’t recognize what was happening. In fact, this is an almost foolproof method for making six figures in the IM niche. And while it’s been done over and over again for the last 15-20 years, it is just as effective today as when the first marketer accidentally stumbled on this system.

Four things you should know about this system:

• There is work involved – no push buttons here, sorry.
• It works just about every time if you follow all the steps.
• Step #2 is the hardest. Once you get past this, you’re golden.
• It doesn’t translate as well into other niches – it works best in IM.

We’ll cover each step in more detail in a moment, but here’s how it works in brief:

1. Pick something you want to do within the IM world. You’re going to be spending a lot of time on this and become an expert at it, so choose something you enjoy. But don’t sweat it when I say “a lot of time.” This isn’t a four year college education – more like a two to three month crash course. If that.

2. Do the thing. Whatever it is, just do it. Whether it’s becoming a Facebook advertising pro, producing and selling WordPress plugins, making YouTube videos that generate sales, etc., just do it.

3. Make the course that shows how you do what you do, and how you get the results you get.

4. If possible, automate it. Make the software that does what you do, or makes it easier to do what you do. If you can’t make a software for it, then create a service to perform the task. This will make more sense in a moment.

5. Provide your customers and clients with personal one-on-one or conference call mentoring.

That’s it. If you’re thinking this sounds too simple, then think again. Remember the many offers and campaigns you’ve received in Internet Marketing. How were they structured? Usually, somebody learned how to do something well, got good results, and sold a course on it. Then there was an upsell for software, or they offered to do the service for you. And for a hefty sum, they would even teach you one on one how to do what they do.

See? It works. It’s been working. It’s been out there for all to see in plain sight, yet most people look right past the goose that lays golden eggs, looking for who knows what instead.

So let’s get started.

Step 1: Pick something you want to do within the IM world.

This can be almost anything that others will want to know how to do. Remember, others want to make money in IM, so whatever you choose should help them with that end goal, even if it doesn’t directly pay them.

For example, maybe you’re an expert on getting massive amounts of leads using a particular social network. This is exactly the kind of thing people will pay to learn. Or perhaps you know how to make videos that sell products like hotcakes. Again, people desperately want to know this.

If you’re completely stymied on what to choose, spend an afternoon browsing the Warrior Forum for ideas. Make a list, and choose something within 24 hours.

Giving yourself a deadline helps get you to the next step.

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